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Indian Cow

In Ayurveda cow urine is called Gomutra, Gomutra is a traditional Indian medicine for the purposes of different therapies. In Indian culture, a cow is a sign of spirituality. According to the Ayurveda Gomutra when a cow is pregnant contain special hormones and minerals. The therapy from cow urine is cleansing and detoxifying in nature.



Benefits of cow urine(Gomutra) in pharmaceutical

  1. Epilepsy can be treat by a mixture of daruharidra and Gomutra.
  2. Gomutra is used for the ayurvedic treatment of leprosy and cancer.

indian-cow-totalmudra3. Gargling a mixture of cow urine and honey and some turmeric powder is beneficial in shore throats, Gomutra is a medicine for the fever also, for fever treatment Gomutra with desi ghee, black pepper and yogurt is used.


4. Mahayograj guggul is made from the mixture of cow milk and Gomutra, anemia can be treated by Gomutra.


5. In Nigeria, cow urine is used to treat convulsions in children.

6. Boost liver function- many liver ailments and asthma, peptic ulcer can be treated by Gomutra.



7. Cow urine behaves like a bioenhancer, which promotes the antifungal and antibiotic agents.



8. Kill germs- cow urine has properties to kill the germs, it helps the balance in the human body to maintain a good health.


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