Advantages of Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance is your travel guard, Whether you’re traveling for business, work, or studies, you want your trip should complete without any problem like loss of luggage, medical emergency. Advantage on a travel insurance policy coverage for trip expenses, medical emergencies, and luggage. Three types of travel insurance policies are- single trip, annual, and group.

Single Trip Travel Insurance Policies


Single trip travel insurance covers travelers for one trip, starting when they leave home and until reached back to home. In a single trip coverage can cover up to ten travelers on global or home trips.

Travelers who are not sure about the trip and maybe having to cancel their trip should consider a single trip policy with Trip Cancellation coverage.

What does single trip travel insurance cover?

Single trip travel insurance include:

  1. injury & illness
  2. holiday cancellation
  3. public liability
  4. loss of baggage
  5. theft of holiday money
  6. emergency repatriation.

A complete insurance policy will usually also come up with 24-hour manned emergency helpline to make certain any claim is resolved speedily and correctly.

Annual Travel Insurance Policies

annual travel insurance

If you love taking more than one holiday a year then Annual Travel Insurance policies is for you.

  1. Ideal for you if you have to fly out very often
  2. More flexibility for last minute trips and sudden city breaks
  3. Useful if you have a relative abroad whom you wish to visit several times a year
  4. Covers losses and expenses incurred due to unexpected emergencies
  5. Spend economically on a multi-trip plan rather than unnecessarily splurge on single trip plans

Group Travel Insurance Policies

A single trip policy covers up to 10 travelers, group travel insurance cover 10 or more travelers to purchase one policy for their trip. Group policies provide same benefits like single trip policies, including coverage for cancellations, medical emergencies, travel delays, and luggage.

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Having a group travel insurance policy can be a more convenient option for organized groups traveling together. Because group policy premiums are not based on age, they can be less expensive per traveler.

What is Excluded from Travel Insurance?



  1. Accidental coverage for high-adrenaline activities such as skiing, water sports and bungee jumping
  2. Delay of baggage that occurs in less than 24 hours
  3. Flights missed due to riots/strikes/civil wars
  4. Pre-existing diseases are mostly not covered by most insurers expect for one of two of them
  5. Losses that are incurred due to local/civil protest


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