Maithili Thakur Biography & Interesting Story Of Becoming ‘Maithili Thakur’ From ‘Tannu’

Maithili Thakur, Bihar’s daughter who won the title of Rising Star Runner-up,


The wave of happiness has spilled across Maithili’s fans, including whole Bihar. The villagers expressed their happiness while expressing happiness that the villagers of Maithili’s native village Udenan, Aminath Thakur of Benipatti, Dhruv Narayan Thakur, Vashisht Narayan Thakur, Kamalkant Thakur, Amodanand Thakur, Anand Thakur, Ratish Chaudhary Maithili’s uncle Rakesh Thakur said that the village of Maithili By returning, there is a festive atmosphere in the village.



It is time for people to come here to meet Maithili soon after coming to know of Maithili’s arrival. Maithili’s grandfather Shobhasindhu Thakur alias Bacha Thakur said that we are proud of our granddaughter. Maithili was first known as her family. But due to the love of people, Maithili has done the work we have and we are going to be known as Maithili, the village of Maithili. It can not be a matter of great happiness. He said that Maithili has an attachment to music from childhood. When she was younger, then Maithili’s grandfather used to riyaz at home at the time. At the same time, Maithili, who had a small ‘tannu‘, would sit near her grandfather. Similarly, Maithili’s growing interest in music forced him to move to Delhi.


In the absence of resources in the village, Father Ramesh Thakur went to Delhi with Maithili, where he taught Maithili to music. Also Maithili’s father Ramesh Thakur told that he also runs a music training center in Delhi. Maithili’s journey, which started from the village, has achieved its status today.


In this context, Maithili said that I still remember that I was tannu till a few days ago. By that time I was called ‘Tannu’ when I used to sit on Riyaz with my grandfather and father. But suddenly the love of people made us look like ‘Maithili Thakur’ with ‘Tannu’, fluttering in us. All the credit for making ‘Maithili’ from ‘Tannu’ was given to his music teacher Guru Dada Shobhasindhhu Thakur alias Bachcha Thakur and father Ramesh Thakur. He further tells that I am from Mithila area of Bihar. Because of this, love has more love than the Maithili language since the beginning. Which I appealed to people to vote in Maithili even during the Rising Star. He also said that I feel proud to be the daughter of Bihar. The kind of love we are getting from people here is unprecedented.

Maithili Thakur’s Initial Music Education

Maithili Thakur’s initial music education was received by his grandfather Shri Bacha Thakur and father Ramesh Thakur. Maithili is currently studying in Bal Bhavan International School, Dwarka while staying with her family in Dwarka, Delhi. Maithili has so far received many special awards with Rising Star Runner-up in the field of music. She has shown her talent at several singing reality shows including Indian Idol Junior-2013, Saregamapa, National Level Singing Show. Also in the voice of Maithili, music album named ‘or Rabba’ has also been hit.⁠⁠⁠⁠


Maithili Thakur Village


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Maithili Thakur is related to the zonal zone of Bihar and is becoming increasingly popular among the people at a very young age. His songs are being liked very much. Presented in the Brajab language series today, this popular song from Braj sung by Maithili Learned at home, such an Internet sensation became Maithili’s family 08 October 2018

Maithili Is Not An Ordinary Girl Seen In The Video

Click On Video To Watch Bhajan Of Maithili Thakur

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let’s tell her that she has been a runner-up of the first season of the live show and reality show “Rising Star”, at the age of 18, Maithili is bigger than her two brothers. Rishabh Thakur, the middle brother of Maithili, likes to hang on tabla while the smallest member of the family, Aayachi Thakur, appears in the video, sitting next to Maithili and Rishabh while keeping the clips compatible. Even if they sing very well, singing Ayyachi according to their age can surprise you. Ayyaki says that they will do something different and sing differently and play differently as the skills of the three children are visible.


The finalist of The Rising Star reality show will present a classical song in a modern style in Maithili Finals. He believes that it is a big thing for them to reach here and they are seeing many ways open.



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He has won your heart by singing a classical music based song like ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ and ‘Bhor Bhai Tori Rahat Takat Piya’ in The Rising Star, and now he is coming to become the finalist of this reality show. Correctly identified We are talking about 16-year-old Maithili Thakur. He is so happy to hear the love of the people through the show and the judges of the judges that he is now taking care of making the career in music seriously.

Maithili Thakur Education & School


Maithili, an 11th class student at Bal Bhavan International School, Dwarka, says, “Before coming to the Rising Star Show, I used to dream of passing the UPSC exam. But now it seems that my destination is music. I will not be able to stay away from it. ‘


Maithili will get a tough competition in the final of the show, that is what they have to guess. The rest of the three finalists also consider that a strong contender. Listen to him, ‘Ankita Kundu’s voice is very sweet, while Bennett Dosanjh specializes in Sufi songs.


The most stringent competition is that I am going to meet Vikram Jeet Ji because there is a rain of votes on her Punjabi songs. “Maithili is engaged in making tremendous preparations these days. What kind of performance will their finite?



Which style of singing will she choose? Lightly pointing out, ‘Whatever classical music-based performances I had given to the show, I was very much liked. On the other hand, when I presented soft songs like ‘Nagad Ke Sang Dhol Baaje’, discussed in the public, they were not very much liked.

Maithili Thakur Songs


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छोटी छोटी गैया, छोटे छोटे ग्वाल
छोटो सो मेरो मदन गोपाल
छोटी छोटी गैया

आगे आगे गैया पीछे पीछे ग्वाल
बीच में मेरो मदन गोपाल
छोटी छोटी गैया

कारी कारी गैया, गोरे गोरे ग्वाल
श्याम वरण मेरो मदन गोपाल
छोटी छोटी गैया

घास खाए गैया, दूध पीवे ग्वाल
माखन खावे मेरो मदन गोपाल
छोटी छोटी गैया

In such a situation, I will be adamant of classical music in the finale because that is my strength. Yes, it will also have Modern Touch, in the same way, the way I presented the mashup of ‘Savan Beto Jaay Pyarwa‘ and ‘Jiya Lage Na’ songs. ‘


During this show, Maithili got much to learn from the judges too. She says, ‘I have to go a lot from the three judges of the show. Like Monali Ji told that some parts of the songs are needed to be pressed while singing them. Monali ji taught me to identify those songs. ‘



Mithila says that she is very happy to reach the final on the show and if she does not win for some reason, she will not be disappointed as the many ways ahead have been opened for her.

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