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Introduction to village life


Dear friends

Today I am going to discuss a simple blog about the advantages of village life. I am also a village person, I knew the benefits of villages so I plan to write something interesting experience of village life.

Friends, when we all start a discussion about village first thing comes in our mind, is beautiful scenes of nature, quiet lifestyle, more hospitable peoples, fresh air, etc. In the village, a person can enjoy the life in a natural way from the city bustle. Almost nothing artificial in the village life, what nature gives us we can enjoy in full here.


Some of the peoples think that it is hard to live in the village as compared to the modern city lifestyle.

Just think what is the necessities of our life. In a village the person always provided with clear water, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, this is simplicity and natural beauty which make the village life different from city life.

We understand that villages lack the utilities and convenience a more city area can offer like proper cell phone, internet access, electricity supply, hospital, medical store, mass education, higher education college, transportation facility, these all the field where the rural area lack.

So the village should be progressing, then a village will be much more comfortable to live and more pleasant area.


What actually a village life is


Village life is totally different from city life, village life is an amazing life because of many advantages. Lack of many facilities but there are some known god blessing things, enjoy fresh air when they breathe, eat fresh food, drink fresh milk and live happily with near and dears. They eat and thank god for what they got.

You find the person here far away from frauds and cheating and very sincere and pure-minded people. Interesting thing is that village people thinking is better than citizens although they are not well educated or well disciplined.

Now friends let me introduce to you the top advantages of village life.



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1. No pollutions


Pollution is the main cause of diseases and illness of peoples. As we already know in a big city like Delhi, Mumbai has so much air pollution which is very harmful to human being. A village is far from air pollution because in village bis pollution cause factories are not available. Lack of air pollution make villagers healthy and strong, and usually, they feel a better health.

2. Wide area


Villagers have a wide area for living and working also. This is one of the great advantages because in cities we know that flats (house) of citizens are very small in are. In the village, they have big houses where they can grow plants and make wide rooms for the living.



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3. Fresh food


Growing crops is the main work in the villages. Villages eat fresh food from own farms. Villagers grow wheat and eat bread from this wheat. Like wheat there is a lot of things like vegetables, fruits etc are grown on own in their field. Drinking fresh and pure milk makes villagers strong as we know the milk is a complete food. Getting fresh food is one of the top advantages of village life.



4. Purity of mind


Villagers are pure in religious values, they make values still in reserve, they have a pure mind, they don’t think negatively and these small moments make there life healthy and fit. They have pure mind this is the region that why they live happily.


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5. Simple life


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No one can beat villagers in simplicity, there is no fraud and no cheating among them. the dressing is very simple here, the solve their daily problems in a second and fell happy and fresh.



6. Healthy environment


The environment of the village is very healthy as we know due to the fresh air and fresh water etc. Villagers treat the environment as a family member its make them happy and cool, you can feel love and peace as you enter in the village environment.



7. Take care of each other


As  I mentioned above topi the villages have big homes and joint family system. The joint family system makes very easy to take care of each other. Villagers are the helpful person they help each other in many occasions like marriage or other festivals. The whole village is like a family here.



8. Join family system


Anyone can find a joint family system easily in a village. They enjoy the joint family system which makes everyone happy. The work pressure also divide between the family so they have enough time to care for family members.



9. No tension and no worries


Tension and worries are the major reason for unhappiness and illness. Villages are far away from tension and worries, they live the happy life.

village life

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10. Fresh air and atmosphere


A lot of trees are in the village due to this villages get fresh air. in village everyone wake-up early in the morning and enjoy fresh air, waking up early in the morning make them healthy and fresh.


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lots of philosophers and extremely good thinkers prominent the rural life due to the fact the country human beings are capable of gain a sense of well-being from the purposefulness of a simple country lifestyleyou could easily discover a certain non-secular serenity and experience the pleasures of significant time among the mind-blowing rural landscapes. There may additionally come a time when you just need to break out from everyday stresses and complexities of city life. At the village, you could experience the time and make your life move slower.

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