Things to consider before taking Home Loan in India


A total of cash obtained from a money-related establishment or bank to buy a house. Home loan comprises of a flexible or fixed rate and installment terms.


Home Loan is a Secured credit offered against the security of a house/property which is supported by the bank’s advance, the property could be an individual property or a business one. The Home Loan is a credit taken by a borrower from the bank issued against the property/security expected to be purchased on the part by the borrower giving the broker a contingent responsibility for property i.e. on the off chance that the borrower is neglected to pay back the credit, the broker can recover the loaned cash by offering the property.

eligibility for home loan


Home loan eligibility

Salaried people qualified for a home loan. … Candidates to be over 21 years old at the season of loan beginning and up to the age of 60 or superannuation, whichever is prior to the season of loan maturity. Self-employed professionals also eligible for a home loan.

You can check the sum you have to pay as EMI with the home loan EMI Calculator.

Home Loan amount

Home Loan Amount


The Minimum Home Loan sum is Rs 2 Lakhs ( Rs 2,00,000 ) and the Maximum Housing Loan sum is Rs 10 Crores ( Rs 10,00,00,000 ) subject to 80% of the market estimation of the property.


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How to apply for a Home loan

apply online


The most effective method to Apply for a Home Loan Online?

Applying for a home loan is as simple as saying 1, 2, 3. In three simple advances, you can present your application for a home loan from Bank. The three stages are:

In the initial step, enter individual points of interest looking for, for example, full name according to PAN, sexual orientation, date of birth, private status, email id, versatile number, city, PIN code and calling

In the second step, select the lodging loan sum and loan residency

In the third step, present the application to get a home loan.

What are the present Home Loan Interest Rates?



The present home loan Interest Rates are distinctive for various classes of borrowers. The present rates are

For a salaried and independently employed person, the most reduced rate is 8.70% for a loan sum up to Rs 30 lakhs and 8.85% for a loan sum more noteworthy than Rs 30 lakhs.

For independently employed non-professionals, the most reduced rate is 8.85% for a loan sum up to Rs 30 lakhs and 9.15% for a loan sum more noteworthy than Rs 30 lakhs.



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