Do You Know? Why Microsoft doesn’t take stop action on the millions of pirated copies of Windows?

If you suppose you’re clever sufficient to break out with Pirated windows, then I am must tell you which you are wrong. the instant you connect your laptop to the net, Microsoft can effortlessly discover in case you are running pirated model of home windows 7/8 or now not.


certainly, if Microsoft does not need human beings the use of their OS without paying, they might have stopped it long in the past. As of now, they do no longer care approximately privateness in growing nations like India and China. And this what Bill Gates had to say about this.


even though approximately 3 million computer systems get sold each year in China, people don’t pay for the software program. one day they may, even though, And as long as they’re going to scouse borrow it, we need them to scouse borrow ours. They’ll get kind of addicted, and then we’ll by hook or by a crook parent out a way to accumulate someday within the subsequent decade.


So this brings us to the question Why Microsoft lets in human beings to thieve their product?


They understand the value of piracy.

People that tend to pirate windows are private computer owners in 2nd and 3rd world countries. Also, those are the same people who can’t afford windows.

But if you give those people a windows computer, their children will use windows from the age of 5. That means they will understand windows, and request windows where possible. And that includes their jobs.

Now, Microsoft has very strict enforcement of software piracy in the workplace and has fought and lobbied in many governments to do that. (usually by “gifting” windows to all their schools for children to use in its programs, see point 1). That means in every country, most windows in the workplace will be a legal copy. Most companies can buy work equipment and return taxes on it.


Meaning Microsoft sells their software to the people that have money, and have things to lose when caught pirating and does so while avoiding most taxes, which means 100% or close to it of the money of sale goes to Microsoft.

And Microsoft “gifts” the os to anyone that can’t afford it, only to get the money from them later on when they do have money.


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