Dual Sim iPhone Launching, Price in India, Spec | Home-Pod making call features

I-Phone With Dual Sim

How exciting is that if our favorite I-phone supports the dual sim, nowadays every smartphone OS and hardware support dual sim. Now I hone can also receive calls from two different numbers.


This was rumored before that I-phone has dual sim support but now we get a confirmation from apple by reviewing apple code, These apple code included in IOS 12 developer beta S. you can see in the screenshot below there are two code written

  • Second sim status
  • second sim tray status


From these codes, we get an indication that I-phone device may support dual sim finally in coming days.

Having dual sim in I-phone5s, iphone6, I-phone-8, I-phone-x is a much-requested feature for the users. And in these code screenshots has proof that Apple is making software support for the dual sim in its upcoming I-phones OS.


Dual sim feature in I-phone will helpful for those peoples who travel a lot, they can use two sims together in I-phone, one sim of the home network and another from the place they are visiting.


Price Of Dual Sim iPhone


The starting Price of dual sim iPhone may be around 550$ to 650$. This is the predicted price.


Now Call Directly from Apple Home Pod


The Home-Pod is also in line to support a new function of its own, this new feature is making phone calls directly from Home-Pod, the same beta of ios 12 has revealed.


At present if we want to call from Home-Pod we cannot do it directly from Home-Pod, first, we have to answer on our I-phone and then select the speaker as the audio output device. As you can see in screenshots above the text description has been updated to making phone calls directly from Home-Pod.

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