What is Burning Man Festival with Photos

The Burning Man Festival, which is celebrated in Nevada, USA.


 Every year in the United States, thousands of people are involved in this Burning man festival, and they show different figures of different things to the world. It is not necessary that these figures are attractive, therefore most of the figures are weird. There is no name for this week-long celebrity-good-evil. It has given place to art and music. Everybody does that work, which is favored by it.

Burning Man 2019 Date

2019 Burning Man will begin at 12:00 PM on Sunday, August 25

and ends on Monday, September 2
All times are in Pacific Time.


Not only this, but people also wear different and weird costumes in the Burning Man festival. There is no rule in this festival how you present yourself. This festival is also called a festival to allow the festival to be taken in culture.



This festival is celebrated in the Black Rock Desert of Piercing County, Nevada, during the last week of August and the first week of September. Here, the attractive face from a far-sighted castle is made of wood, which is burnt on the last day. This way the festival ends. This is also known as the ‘Festival of Fire’.

909 USD is the cost of a person in Burning Man Event

The ‘Black Rock City’ is temporarily created for the festival. By purchasing tickets of 25 thousand rupees they become members. Last year 65 thousand people reached there. The cost of an individual is approximately 65 thousand rupees. Thousands of people are immersed in their tune of about 40 degrees Celsius. Thousands of people gather to perform dances, songs and their art in the desert.



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History of Burning Man


Three friends started

The Burning Man Festival was started in 1986 by artist Larry Harvey along with friend John La and Jerry James on the Becker coast of San Francisco. At that time, a 9 feet high wooden statue was burnt and since then there is a tradition of burning the effigy. At present, this festival is celebrated in America besides South America, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Israel, Japan, South Korea, and Canada.



Why is the Burning Man festival special


The name ‘Burning Man’ was named because a manuscript is lit on the last day of the festival. According to the theme, everything is decorated here and accordingly, people are prepared and involved in it. From art and culture to music, the theater can be enjoyed here at the festival. By joining this festival celebrating in the desert, you can see and understand its strengths.


32 years ago, this festival was celebrated for the first time in San Francisco’s Baker Beach in 1986. Since then, it has been celebrated till date. The festival starts from the last Sunday of August, which is finished by burning the effigy on the first Monday of September.



For the first time, only 80 people were here in Burning Man festival


This celebration started in the year 1990. Then only 80 people gathered there. The number of people arriving here for the first time in 1993 reached 1000 figures. Last year about 68 thousand people had arrived. This time this number is likely to cross 70 thousand. It is celebrated during the American Labor Day holidays.



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People around the world celebrate in different ways, with some traditional and some new-age experiments. In such festivities, one is made in Nevada, USA every year.



The name of this festival is Burning Man Arts and Musical Festival. It is celebrated in the Black Rock Desert.

Every year around 70 thousand people gather from around the world to celebrate this.

30 years of the festival are being completed this year It started in 1986.



This festival commences on the last Sunday of August and goes on the first Monday of September. Of course this time the celebration will last long.



The Burning Man is based on ten themes. It includes themes ranging from participation to collective responsibilities.



The theme includes better expressing yourself and self-sufficiency. On this theme, people present their installation, artwork etc. at this festival.


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